Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back On The Trail Of The ‘Holy Legend’

Glastonbury AbbeyNow interest in The DaVinci Code is dying down, with the film ending its cinema run, and a hundred books, documentaries and websites debunking the work’s claims, it’s time to look beyond the trail it follows. The ‘DaVinci Code Trail’ goes from Paris to London to Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland, and has its own tourist packages and ‘set-jetter’ promo literature. (An item I posted in May, ‘Caveat Set-Jetters…’ links to an illustrated locations-trail guide webpage I put together at the time.) This DVC Trail actually ignores both the main places actually associated with the ‘holy blood, holy grail’ legends the work draws on: Rennes-le-Chateau and Glastonbury. While the stories surrounding the former site may be the the result of modern hype and even hoax, Glastonbury’s legends can be traced back to the Middle Ages or even earlier. For those unfamiliar with the Glastonbury mythos, I’ve reproduced an introductory account together with some photos. I wrote it some ten years ago after taking a day-course on Glastonbury at the U. Of Bristol, and just before I myself was asked to take a group there. I’ve since been developing my own theories, but this will serve as an introduction in the meantime: Introduction To The Glastonbury Legend.